Zen-Circle Europe Zen-master Rei Shin Bigan Roshi   (Wolf-Dietrich Nolting), born in 1949,started his Zen training in 1973. Until 1998 he worked as a  notary in Bremen. He is married and  lives on a croft in Malente-Malkwitz. His most relevant teachers were Zen master Tetsuo Nagaya Roshi and Saidan Oi Roshi. In 1986, he was ordained as  a monk in Myoshin-ji (Kyoto). In  1987 Saidan Oi Roshi designated  him a Zen teacher (inka shomei) and his first German dharma successor. Therefore, he is the 84th successor of Buddha Shakyamuni and lineage holder in the Rinzai Zen tradition. He inspired the foundation of numerous Zen Circles in Germany. In 2003 together with Harry Mi Sho Teske, he founded the Zen Order Europe. Continuously, he teaches in various Zen Circles.